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Lisa Schiff, the founder of SFA Advisory in New York, and one of the world’s most important contemporary and modern art advisors, tells us about what she has learnt from her clients, her tips for first-time art buyers, and where she thinks the art industry is heading.

Lisa Schiff, known for advising Leonardo DiCaprio

“Sarah has made some ephemeral and difficult-to-collect work,” says the New York art adviser Lisa Schiff of SFA Advisory. As a result, Schiff adds, “Very little of her work gets to auction.”

Lisa the cocktail reception. Silent killers....Watch your wallet.

As one of the world’s leading art advisers, NYC-based SFA Advisory ( founder Lisa Schiff specializes in contemporary and modern art. Today, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, Schiff and her team assist select collectors around the world build their collections

This body of work (which is now a solo exhibition at Lisa Schiff’s art advisory space in Tribeca) as a DIY coloring book project. As I look around the walls of Schiff’s elegantly designed gallery space, I see sophisticated, large-scale ink and watercolor paintings that depict candid images of suburban family life from the 70s

The T.V. star, from the hit show House, also makes paintings, and has just wrapped her debut solo exhibition “Family” at the SFA Advisory gallery in Manhattan.

Market values appear to be primarily driven by the question of whether a work promises short-term speculative gains, as the agent Lisa Schiff has recently observed with some regret. Schiff – who, it is worth noting, works as an art advisor – aptly speaks of a “new mode of value production” in which the objects themselves, their aesthetic, historical, and/or political stakes, no longer play any role.

The Artnet portal recently published an article by Lisa Schiff....This is an interesting article, not because of what it says directly but because of the other readings it offers. I briefly summarize: Lisa Schiff talks about a gap between a system of economic valuation of art in the 20th century and in the 21st century.

“The art market has multiple dimensions,” says the art consultant Lisa Schiff. 

Founded by Lisa Schiff in 2002, SFA is an art advisory specializing in modern and contemporary art serving a select group of dedicated collectors around the world. 

Where to see it: “Family” at SFA Advisory (45 White Street, New York) until Jan. 25.

Edelstein’s exhibition at SFA Advisory in New York marks her first-ever solo presentation of her work.

Lisa Schiff’s exhibition space, sfa Projects, at 45 White Street in New York’s Tribeca.

Her exhibition at SFA Advisory in New York marks her first-ever solo presentation. 


Edelstein’s exhibition at SFA Advisory in New York marks her first-ever solo presentation of her work.

Art advisor Lisa Schiff pointed to NFTs as one factor in the breakdown of evening auctions from a curated selection of art-historically significant works to what she called an “Evening-Sale-For-the-Shit-We-Know-We-Can-Profit-on-This-Week.”

Hunter Biden dropped by Lisa Schiff’s SFA Advisory opening of drawings by Lisa Edelstein

To truly ascertain a recession in the art market one would need to analyze a set of data about the total goods and services produced in a given time period and then measure against total consumption all while considering inflation....

—Lisa Schiff, art advisor

Among those who joined for the day of conversation and celebration were tastemakers in the realms of art, fashion, media, and entertainment, including...Lisa Schiff

While the pre-sales seemed slower than usual, remarked art advisor Lisa Schiff, the pace of sales seemed to pick up throughout the day. “More is available than usual. We have been buying, just at a slower pace than normal.”

"You always have people who are cautious when things get weird," New York art advisor Lisa Schiff said before Wednesday night’s sales. "And you always have people who know to look for deals and to be aggressive when everybody else recedes. There’s not a lot of those people, but the truth is we don’t need that many.”

Lisa Edelstein: Family is slated to open December 7th at SFA Advisory in Tribeca marking her first solo art exhibition. 

“I hear some collectors asking me for deals, because of inflation and volatility in the market,” art advisor Lisa Schiff told Artnet News.

Up next at art advisor Lisa Schiff’s permanent outpost in Tribeca, SFA Advisory showcases the Surrealist work of the late Guatemalan artist Rodolfo Abularach, featuring an overview of his work depicting all-seeing eyes.

Others are less positive about the future of digital art. “I don’t really understand why NFTs are in the art world to begin with,” said Lisa Schiff, founder of art advisory firm SFA Advisory.

There were high-calibre collectors....and a cohort of US art advisors who have long been missing from the Paris scene, including Lisa Schiff

“Paris is the place where you have to be now ,” says Lisa Schiff, curious about this brand new show with the acronym Art Basel, which has dislodged the Fiac after a quarter of a century.

New York-based Art advisor Lisa Schiff admits that she has done a 180 on fairs within the past year, now heading for London and Paris after not even wanting to venture to a New York fair last fall. Even though she says that the strong dollar is more of a happy accident than an initial motivator, it has also made American collectors more keen to buy. “Let’s be honest—I actually want to go,” Schiff said. “And it did factor in in a sense because I wouldn’t go if I didn’t sense that I would do business.”

 “This boom has nothing to do with art history, criticality or aesthetic value,” the New York-based art adviser Lisa Schiff says. “It is information arbitrage and is purely about money. It is too soon for any art history to be written.”

To learn more about what goes into bidding, Artsy spoke to four art world insiders who represent different voices in the auctions ecosystem: Lisa Schiff

The art market no longer encompasses the market, it just encompasses auctions. It’s really the only thing that people are talking about,” says Lisa Schiff, the founder of the US-based SFA Art Advisory

SFA Advisory, the Tribeca outpost of art advisor Lisa Schiff, presents 'Palette of Shadows,' a presentation by Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury in collaboration with Thaddaeus Ropac gallery.

“Before, Paris was a compliment. Today, this is the subject, ” adds....The American Lisa Schiff, who advises twenty very wealthy clients, recognizes this: in twenty years, she has only been to the FIAC half a dozen times, almost systematically preferring Frieze, the turbulent London fair. . This fall, she will make the opposite choice. "Paris has become cool, it's where you have to be," she sums up. So much so that many people think that, eventually, Art Basel could be eclipsed by its Parisian offshoot.

The New York art consultant, Lisa Schiff....believes that the prices of contemporary art, especially for young artists, are too high. “I don't understand how you can pay up to $3 million at auction for an artist under 30 who has never exhibited in a museum. These reputations are based not on aesthetic quality but on investment bets and word-of-mouth information. The highest price that is acceptable to pay for a young artist is 25,000 dollars,” she said.

Art expert Lisa Schiff says, "People who invest very heavily in the stock market have to buy art. They don't want to sell now because they would lose money. Despite this, this constant talk of rising inflation that's going on now has the Art purchases have not slowed down. And I think that globalization has now produced such a large group of collectors that even if some hold back, others will invest."

Big-shot advisers such as Lisa Schiff...were....around snapping up works.

Lisa Schiff, President and founder of SFA advisory: "There is something potentially off-putting when so many people are coming here to acquire artworks during a major war situation. So I think it's very important — but also art is the best way to communicate things to people and hopefully there will be artworks dealing with those issues directly."

New York art consultant Lisa Schiff gave a wide-ranging interview about the art business to the New York Times, and she did not hold back. “Certain auction houses are mimicking the collectibles market,” Schiff told Farah Nayeri. “Everything is a tchotchke to flip. … You have sneakers, dinosaur bones, some NFTs, 50 artists you’ve never heard of, and then three artists who actually should be in an evening sale.”

SFA Advisory, a unique project by Lisa Schiff in Tribeca, opposes the traditional gallery model.

The traditional way of determining value in the art market has gone out the window. And that could be catastrophic for the entire system. By Lisa Schiff

SFA Advisory is presenting Palette of Shadows, a presentation of seven shaped canvases from the monumental makeup palettes by contemporary Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury, in collaboration with Thaddaeus Ropac gallery. 

But even primary market prices at this level for such young artists are high, says Lisa Schiff, a leading New York art advisor. ‘Even the greatest young artist has a lot to prove,’ she says. ‘Critical, aesthetic and financial value should be inextricably linked through consensus-making, through museums, curators, collectors, other artists – the whole system coming together.’


“When you see prices like this for artists who are right out of the gate,” adviser Lisa Schiff told the Art Newspaper after a round of auctions this past fall, “the work is, more than anything else, a tradable commodity.”

Lisa Schiff, Art advisor  “Simon Fujiwara has been an art star for a while but has been in the background. I haven’t seen something tackling identity in this way—fresh, whimsical, and critical. I was happy to see how approachable his works were at Esther Schipper—more digestible yet still rigorously critical.” 

Art advisor Lisa Schiff presents the first exhibition dedicated to Nicole Wittenberg’s work in pastels, landscape drawings made en plein air during vacations with friends.

Lisa Schiff weighs in on the state of the global art market — and what she learned from advising Leonardo DiCaprio.

Among trends to watch, art adviser Lisa Schiff, who hosts exhibitions at her own space in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, says she sees a bubble forming for some emerging artists. 


Some art-world experts are cautious, not only about NFTs as a market but also about their aesthetic value. “It’s a mechanism,” says Lisa Schiff, a top art adviser. “I don’t want to call it a medium exactly.”

An elite group of advisers has been around for decades, and a handful of them have carved out high profiles based on a boldface client or two (Sandy Heller repping billionaire Mets owner Steven A. Cohen, Lisa Schiff counseling Leonardo DiCaprio). 

On the scene were many top art advisors including Lisa Schiff

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In his current solo exhibition “For Life is Not Eternal” at New York’s SFA Advisory, London-based artist Soimadou Ibrahim elevates the household plant to a new heightened position.

Everywhere else, very few screens could be found. Digital art as a medium “has been particularly obsolete, except for in the NFT realm,” says the adviser Lisa Schiff. “It’s been on the downside for a while.”

Art advisor Lisa Schiff said that the extravagant prices and sometimes questionable subject matter (namely Koons’s “Made in Heaven”...have ultimately overshadowed his career.


For Life is Not Eternal, marks a departure for French-Comorian, London-based artist Soimadou Ibrahim, who forgoes his typical imagery of familial characters painted from memories or photographs in exchange for imagery of flora in isolation.

“With the auction houses mostly dealing in editions and prints for the artist, bigger works are likely being sold privately to avoid attention,” said Lisa Schiff, an art advisor.

“There was a time when critical value and investment value were inseparable,” the art advisor Lisa Schiff told The Art Newspaper, “that isn’t the case anymore. The art market is becoming more of a fan-based economy. When you see prices like this for artists who are right out of the gate, the work is, more than anything else, a tradable commodity. Bids are based on who’s trending. You have to follow the conversation on Discord or Reddit and then speculate. The evening sales, which once were the most coveted and highly curated sales, have become more about what can sell for the highest number.”

The art adviser Lisa Schiff—who worked for years for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is engaged in environmental issues—says the facts about climate change are so “paralysing that people shut down; it’s difficult to talk to them about this”. But she says that “we all have to make changes, starting with not travelling so much”.

The New York-based adviser Lisa Schiff has been aware of this trend since 2015: “Almost everybody does it [for artists with a waiting list]. But it has accelerated now, and particularly for artists who are so young, it doesn’t make sense.” Will it be happening at Frieze? Yes, she says. “It happens all the time: at the Venice Biennale, at the fairs, at the galleries.”

How to Become A Successful Artist
Talks & Projects
How to Become A Successful Artist
09. 30. 2021

Book Launch "How To Become A Successful Artist." Event with Magnus Resch and Special Guest Lisa Schiff.

THE ART NEWSPAPER PODCAST: Painting special: artists Doron Langberg, Mohammed Sami and Vivien Zhang, art advisor Lisa Schiff, Vermeer’s cupid
press / recent
THE ART NEWSPAPER PODCAST: Painting special: artists Doron Langberg, Mohammed Sami and Vivien Zhang, art advisor Lisa Schiff, Vermeer’s cupid
09. 10. 2021

As a huge survey of contemporary painting opens at the Hayward Gallery in London, we ask: is the time-honoured medium of painting the art form best suited to exploring the complexity of our age? We look at the thriving and diverse contemporary painting scene in the UK and explore the Hayward director Ralph Rugoff’s suggestion that this ancient medium “seems like the best technology there could possibly be for reflecting on what it's like to live in a culture where image is the primary currency it is”.

One New York art adviser said such prices are ‘sort of insulting to the art ecosystem as if anyone could do it.'” (The art advisor in question was Lisa Schiff, quoted in an August 13 New York Times story.) ​

"I am really hesitant about the Armory or any kind of superspreader event," art advisor Lisa Schiff told Artnet News, noting she has a young unvaccinated son at home. At the same time, she acknowledged, "It will be a hard one to not go to because people are going to be pulled to go to it."

Lisa Schiff, veteran art advisor and Founder and President of SFA Advisory, has learned not to take life too seriously. She loves failures, laughter, and the fact that “strange things happen all the time” in the art world. With an extensive background in Art History and experience as an Adjunct Professor, Lisa takes a critical and analytical approach to her advisory firm, always reminding herself and others that her role is to advise, not just to sell.

The gallery is planning to sell 15 works by Hunter Biden, and is asking as much as $500,000 apiece. The prices — which are high for a novice artist — have raised questions in Washington about whether the works might attract buyers seeking to curry favor with the Biden White House.

This group exhibtion, which brings together works by the likes of Rodolfo Abularach, Claudia Fernandez, Nicole Wittenberg, and Cy Gavin, captures the invisible forces swaying in the air. The works depict a natural yet magical world - somtimes mystical, sometimes ominous, sometimes ridiculous, but always sublime. 

New York-based art advisor and collector Lisa Schiff unpacks a sensual, tongue-in-cheek work by the contemorary artist Ivy Haldeman, collected in 2018 during a solo show at Downs & Ross.

It feels like an organic evolution. Private viewing rooms, the original intention for the office space, are so often programmed by advisors yet the public has no access to the work. Here the fruits of client research can be enjoyed by the passerby as well as the purchaser. Discovery is key.

While pure abstraction remains somewhat out of fashion these days, the landscape, which hasn’t been a hot genre in decades, is making an appearance in several shows, including “A Thought Sublime” at Marianne Boesky and “Ridiculous Sublime,” organized by advisor Lisa Schiff.

SFA Advisory, Lisa Schiff’s Tribeca outpost, announces its inaugural summer exhibition, Ridiculous Sublime, running through Labor Day. Featuring 50 international artists, Schiff transformed her permanent ground-floor office at 45 White Street into a temporary exhibition space as part of her commitment to exploring nascent tendencies which appear across the globe.

THAT....Leonardo DiCaprio’s art adviser Lisa Schiff has opened the show “Ridiculous Sublime,” curated with 50 international artists, at her Tribeca outpost SFA Advisory

SFA Advisory, Lisa Schiff’s Tribeca outpost, announces its inaugural summer exhibition, Ridiculous Sublime, opening June 30 and running through Labor Day. Featuring 50 international artists, Schiff will transform her permanent ground-floor office into a temporary exhibition space as part of her commitment to exploring nascent tendencies that appear across the globe, destined to become history.

What do you do if you want to learn about the art world but have no clue where to start? Cue Collecteurs Academy, a newly launched online learning program aiming to demystify the A to Zs of art. The academy is the latest branch of Collecteurs, a website and digital tool that bills itself the world’s first collective digital museum. 

Blue-chip money is choosing not to invest – for now – in the art world's non-fungible tokens, despite brisk business at recent auctions. Zachary Small explores the nascent market.

NFTs may be grabbing headlines, but many traditional art collectors appear to be steering clear of them for a panoply of reasons. “Absolutely none of my clients are buying NFTs,” the New York art adviser Lisa Schiff said. 

A handful of auctions this month testing the appetite for a type of investment known as NFTs seemed likely to prolong the nascent fad for ownership of works that exist only in the digital world. Missing from those transactions, however, were the blue-chip collectors who typically drive the art market’s sales.

Industry experts have observed a growing wedge between a new generation of digital speculators and an older school of art collectors who say their concerns about the quality, ownership and authenticity of NFTs have gone unresolved, even as their fears of legal challenges grow.

Interview with Zihan Xiong: "Many friends in China often ask me what exactly art consultants do, and I find that many people have some misunderstanding about our work. This time I invited the world's top art consultant Lisa Schiff, to share her experience."

Lisa Schiff, the founder and principal of SFA Art Advisory, finds she is busier than ever and her biggest challenge is not tuning in, but turning off. “I’m on FaceTime or Zoom all day long. We are working so heavily online that now I’m more distracted than ever.”

Selling digitally isn’t the same, most agree. But that doesn’t mean that bricks-and-mortar exhibition spaces will all return to how they were.

Collectors charged after works by young, untested artists last year even as overall global auction sales fell by as much as a quarter—a phenomenon many dealers had never seen before the pandemic. Collectors holed up at home worried about their health and safety but had time and money to pursue artists they coveted before the crisis. Art adviser Lisa Schiff said, “There weren’t a lot of discounts, but some collectors felt like they could get better access to artists if they wanted.”

Children’s Museum of the Arts is pleased to announce the addition of Fredrica Ford and Lisa Schiff to the Museum’s Board of Directors. They join a distinguished group of trustees who has successfully guided the museum through the challenges of 2020, while providing vital support for the museum’s exciting future initiatives, such as the recently launched Vision Fund and Look Make Show, a weekly children’s interactive, online variety show launching in 2021.

Cromwell Place, a venture in which international galleries share temporary space in a dedicated complex, hopes to be a winning alternative to fairs in the age of coronavirus. The New York dealership Alexander Gray Associates and SFA, an art advisory, are two other prominent American names signed up for spaces in the building. 

Lisa discussed what she perceived as the potential silver linings of the drastic changes we have had to make to our reality following the Covid-19 public health crisis. These obligatory lifestyle changes have helped Lisa reflect on a broader scale what she hopes to achieve with her career, as well as allowing her to focus on the immediate practicalities of pivoting her business in preparation for a new future which has been brought on through this enforced pause.

Demand for his melancholy landscapes, often with a tiny, solitary human figure, has only grown since his passing in October. Collectors have been fielding offers to sell for as much as US $300,000, according to Lisa Schiff, an art adviser who placed 11 pieces with five clients early on. 

Paintings by a Canadian artist who killed himself at age 35 in October are setting records this auction season. At his New York solo debut two years ago, Matthew Wong’s new works sold for $22,000. When one of those canvases returned to the market Monday at Sotheby’s, it fetched $1.5 million excluding fees, with 59 registered bidders from 16 countries in pursuit. The seller was former Sotheby’s executive Allan Schwartzman, according to people familiar with the matter.

Expectations were high going in. “I think they have a lot of people’s attention,” said art advisor Lisa Schiff told Artnet News ahead of the sale. “This is the first big, concentrated, select group of things at a public auction.”

Lisa Schiff is an American art advisor and specialist in contemporary and modern art, based in New York. She is the founder and president of SFA Advisory with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. Her clients include individuals, corporations, foundations and institutions.

Art adviser Lisa Schiff — who’s labored with purchasers together with Leo DiCaprio, real-estate heiress Candace Carmel Barasch and Sprinkles Cupcake founder Candace Nelson — has advice for anybody really looking out to accumulate artwork throughout Art Basel Miami and away from the glitzy get together scene.

MIAMI — A-listers, artwork insiders and influencers got here collectively for an intimate dinner at the Art Information x Surf Lodge pop-up at W South Seaside on Thursday evening.

Applications for new nationalities have increased 42 percent since last year, according to citizenship broker Henley & Partners.

Many collectors and enthusiasts continue to travel aboard gas-guzzling airplane to see art.

Yes—as Long as It’s by a Freshly Minted Art Star (or Being Sold at a Discount)

Determining the Best Time to Sell Art from Your Collection
Press / Recent
Determining the Best Time to Sell Art from Your Collection
Town & Country
Press / Recent
Town & Country

Town & Country partnered with renowned art advisor Lisa Schiff's ONE, ALL, EVERY. during their signature Philanthropy Series event in Palm Beach.

SFA Advisory x OSL Contemporary x Norwegian Consul General Celebrate Aase Texmon Rygh
Talks & Projects
SFA Advisory x OSL Contemporary x Norwegian Consul General Celebrate Aase Texmon Rygh

Cocktails to celebrate the Norwegian Consulate's support of OSL Contemporary at The Armory Show, whose booth highlighted the modernist legacy of Aase Texmon Rygh.

Lisa Schiff weighs in on why "flipping" art is so controversial.

Serge Attukwei Clottey
45 White Window / Archive / 2019-2020 #
Serge Attukwei Clottey
Common Men Series, LXXII 02.06.2020

Fabric, wire, plastic, hardboard
14.5 x 13 x 2.5 in

Curated by Neville Wakefield

On View February 6, 2020 — April 15, 2020

Art Basel Hong Kong weighs options as Coronavirus outbreak leads to global health emergency.

Art adviser-to-the-stars Lisa Schiff offers advice for buying at Art Basel Miami.

Lisa Schiff weighs in on the most influential artists of the decade.

Lisa Schiff is the world's leading art advisor and one of the world's most active art buyers. On behalf of her clients she buys 100-300 pieces, yearly – so almost one work every day. Her focus is on contemporary artists. In this insightful interview with Professor Magnus Resch, she explains how she sources artists, what collectors are looking for when buying art and how what artists should do to attract the attention of buyers.

Rodman Primack designed a part office, meeting room, exhibition space, and hangout, Schiff’s new HQ is a different type of art venue—just don’t call it a gallery.

According to the UBS Global Art Market Report, finding new collectors was the biggest challenge for gallerists in 2018. What's more, new collectors were more important for galleries with lower turnovers than for those at the highest end. Whether the collector is established or just beginning, how can younger and mid-level gallerists best attract new clients?

Long-time client Candace Barasch is highlighted in the ‘Show Us Your Wall’ feature.

Lisa Schiff discusses how the art world is “rewriting art history, rewriting the canon,” as it recognizes more artists of color.

Press / Recent

ARTnews hosts a dinner with Lisa Schiff, founder of SFA Advisory and eyewear brand ONE, ALL, EVERY, to celebrate its Winter 2020 issue, titled “Deciders.”

Lisa Schiff posts an Instagram inspired by Maurizio Cattelan's viral conceptual art piece of a banana duct taped to the wall.

Artnet News
Press / Recent
Artnet News

Advisors including Lisa Schiff are the the boots on the ground for European and American clients alike during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Young Paris sings "Happy Birthday" to Lisa Schiff at the Art News x Surf Lodge pop-up  during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Press / Recent

Vogue invites readers to sneak a peak into Lisa Schiff's party in honor of the See A Clean Future sunglesses, held in collaboration with Swizz Beatz.

Lisa Schiff gives Cultured her best advice for collectors in Miami and all across the art world.

Lisa Schiff shares the See A Clean Future frames with the likes of Swizz Beatz, Rosario Dawson, and Olivia Culpo at her event hosted with Surf Lodge and Artnews.

Lisa Schiff juggles helping her roster of all-star clients as they navigate the Art Basel Miami Beach scene.

Lisa Schiff proves her dedication to "greening" the art world in her discussion about carbon neutral art shipping.

The Hollywood Reporter calls Lisa Schiff's party hosted in collaboration with Swizz Beatz, ArtNews, and Suf Lodge a can't-miss for Art Basel Miami Beach.

Lisa Schiff discusses the tips and tricks for doing Art Basel Miami Beach right.

The New York Post's Page Six discusses Lisa Schiff's electric Miami Art Week presence. 

SFA Advisory x Gabo Guzzo x Bergdorf Goodman Celebration
Talks & Projects
SFA Advisory x Gabo Guzzo x Bergdorf Goodman Celebration

Bridging the gap between art and fashion, discover Gabo Guzzo’s one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, luxury handbags as well as his extraordinary new sculpture series.

In partnership with Lisa Schiff’s SFA Advisory and luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman, Italian artist, designer and writer Gabo Guzzo has co-curated a unique evening that celebrates cross-disciplinary art and champions genuine craftsmanship and artistic collaboration.

Tribeca Art + Culture Night
Talks & Projects
Tribeca Art + Culture Night

A quarterly downtown arts festival that presents an exceptional program of exhibitions, performances, talks and workshops throughout venues in Tribeca.

Robert Reed Opening
Talks & Projects
Robert Reed Opening

Cocktails to celebrate the opening of Neville Wakefield's fourth curatorial selection with artist R.C. Gibbs.

Art News
Press / Recent
Art News

The artnet News Editors add SFA Advisory to their go-to New York art guide.

Robert Reed
45 White Window / Archive / 2019-2020 #
Robert Reed
Galactic Journal: Rose Hill Drive 11.08.2019

Acrylic On Canvas
36 × 30 in

Curated by Neville Wakefield

On View November 8, 2019 — January 15, 2020

Art Advisor Lisa Schiff is seen out-and-about bidding on a work by Paul Pfeiffer at the Independent Curators International 2019 gala.

Artnet News includes SFA Advisory's Tavares Strachan window selection, curated by Neville Wakefield, as a weekly Editor's Pick.

Nick Glass discusses the ins and outs of advising with Lisa Schiff and other advisors at the top of their field.

Art News
Press / Recent
Art News

Lisa Schiff discusses her craziest experience at an art opening following the grand opening of Pace Gallery's new Chelsea complex.

Tavares Strachan announces that a portion of the proceeds from his exhibition at Lisa Schiff's 45 White Street space will be donated to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Artist Tavares Strachan announces a portion of the proceeds from his exhibition at SFA Advisory's 45 White Street will benefit Hurricaine Dorian relief funds.

Bahamian artist discusses the aftermath of Hurricane Dorain and the donation of proceeds to relief funds following his exhibition at Lisa Schiff's 45 White Street space.

Artist Tavares Strachan announces he will give proceeds from his New York exhibition at SFA Advisory to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas.

Tavares Strachan Opening
Talks & Projects
Tavares Strachan Opening

Cocktails to celebrate the opening of Neville Wakefield's third curatorial selection with artist Tavares Strachan.

Tavares Strachan
45 White Window / Archive / 2019-2020 #
Tavares Strachan
Smalls (from Hidden Histories series) ​ 09.04.2019

Clear blue neon, transformers, limestone, paper, vinyl, collage
27 × 9 × 11 in

Curated by Neville Wakefield

On View September 4 — November 7, 2019

Lisa Schiff is among Galerie Magazine's six women changing the art world. Through innovation, she is reinventing how artwork is viewed, collected, and sold.

Pilar Viladas breaks down Lisa Schiff's non-gallery space at 45 White Street, her incomparable SFA Advisory advising firm, and her recently launched art and environment initiative, One All Every. 

An art advisor breaking the mould is Lisa Schiff, who launched her first space in Tribeca, New York, on 29 May. The two-storey venue houses her advisory firm, an exhibition space and concept store, where she plans to sell limited-edition pieces and one-off commissions, although she will not represent artists. The main impetus to launch the space came from a need to sell secondary-market works acquired by her clients over the years. ‘We rarely work with people who just sell their walls; most of our clients’ [works] go into storage, so we have to be able to move things out. The whole hypocrisy about reselling is so ridiculous,’ says Schiff.

R.C. Gibbs Opening
Talks & Projects
R.C. Gibbs Opening

Cocktails to celebrate the opening of Neville Wakefield's second curatorial selection with artist R.C. Gibbs.

R C Gibbs
45 White Window / Archive / 2019-2020 #
R C Gibbs
Terminal 3 07.15.2019

Acrylic on board under printed glass
41.73 × 31.3 in (106 × 79.5 cm)

​Curated by Neville Wakefield

On View July 15 — September 3, 2019

The theme of climate change is in the air, but the art fair is only beginning to tackle how business must change.

Art Basel in Switzerland is the world's most important art fair: it is where the ultra-rich come to spend millions of euros on some of the world's most famous artworks. It is the perfect opportunity to examine the state of the global art market.

Art and design collides in a selection of inventive lighting, eco eyewear and a double swing.

The Tribeca Citizen shares Artforum's reports on Lisa Schiff's new advisory space on White Street. 

45 White Housewarming
Talks & Projects
45 White Housewarming

Cocktails to celebrate the opening of the new SFA space designed by RP Miller. With Lisa Schiff and SFA Advisory Team

Nicholas Galanin
45 White Window / Archive / 2019-2020 #
Nicholas Galanin
Let Them Enter Dancing and Showing Their Faces: Shaman 05.29.2019

21 × 30 in

​Curated by Neville Wakefield 

On View May 29 — July 14, 2019

The New York-based adviser Lisa Schiff talks with Anny Shaw about her plan to open a new exhibition venue that’s ‘more living room than white cube’.

Bringing together a diverse cast of notable art world figures, including Lisa Schiff, this panel examines the question: what does it mean to be a collector today? Charting major shifts in the art market—from its global proliferation through art fairs, social media, and increasing speculation from investors—how has the notion and practice of collecting changed over the last quarter century? What are the mid- and long-term effects of these shifts, and what role does the art community at large play in cultivating connoisseurship over investment?

To explore the urgent issue of the gender imbalance on the art market, the symposium hosted a session Women Artists on the Market. Clare McAndrew (Arts Economics) provided the statistics to outline the scope of the problem, Lisa Schiff (Schiff Fine Art) shared her experience on demand for women artists and Vanessa Carlos (Carlos/Ishikawa) brought her expertise as a gallerist on a question of equal representation. Anny Shaw (The Art Newspaper), who has written extensively on the topic, moderated the talk.

Lisa Schiff, along with Brooke Lampley, Cheyenne Westphal, and Leila Taghinia - Milani Heller discuss the role of women in the art world, including market-trends and speculation.

John Gerrard: Solar Reserve
Talks & Projects
John Gerrard: Solar Reserve

A recent addition to LACMA’s collection, John Gerrard’s public installation Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) 2014 is a digital simulation, displayed on a large-scale LED wall, that recreates a Nevada solar thermal power plant and the surrounding desert landscape. At the center of this virtual world is a tower encircled by 10,000 mirrors that adjust their positions according to the location of the sun in order to reflect light on the tower to generate electricity. Originally exhibited by Public Art Fund, the work was bought by Leonardo DiCaprio before being donated to and installed at LACMA under the guidance of Lisa Schiff. 

Art As an Agent for Change: Porky Hefer’s Endangered Collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation explores how art can serve as an important means to stimulate discussions about environmental issues, specifically the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect endangered species. Using artist Porky Hefer’s compelling sculptural seating pods as an example, panelists Lisa Schiff, Trevyn McGowan, Terry Tamminen, and the artist himself discuss how art, design, and conservation perspectives can be powerfully integrated.

MvVO ART, an innovative New York-based art venture, invites art lovers to discover a new generation of artists drawn from Advertising & Commercial Art. Says Founder & CEO Maria van Vlodrop, “AD ART SHOW is a platform for discovering exciting new emerging artists that come from a historically rich landscape– following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Rockwell, O’Keefe, Hopper, Haring, Rosenquist and so many others with dual careers in art and commercial art.”

Gallerists and Art Advisors: How Should they Work Together. David Juda of Annely Juda Fine Art, Claes Nordenhake of Galerie Nordenhake, and Lisa Schiff discuss the intersecting roles of gallerists and art advisors. 

Art Advisor Lisa Schiff, and curators Lauri Firstenberg and Marika Kielland attend Frieze. 

A discussion with art adviser, Lisa Schiff, on what drives collectors to collect.

Lisa Schiff, founder of art advisory Schiff Fine Art, discusses "Art and Billions – Part 2." 

The ICA welcomes contemporary art specialist and New York adviser, Lisa Schiff, to speak in their "Culture Now" segment. 

Midori House, March 7, 2012. Interview time: 47 minutes 

New York art advisor, Lisa Schiff, attends the LA Art Biannual Benefit Auction.